What is the secret to Crystal Clear Windows?

For best results, we typically clean most windows by hand using scrubbers, squeegees, detailing chamois and a variety of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We occasionally use waterfed poles. The real secret to window cleaning however is our highly experienced, meticulous staff that truly care about the quality of work they are providing. Call now and we’ll be happy to make your windows sparkle! Edmonton commercial cleaning service

Do you require “Interior & Exterior” window cleaning or “Exterior Only”?

“Interior & Exterior” Window Cleaning

• “Interior & exterior” window cleaning performed by our meticulous staff

• Includes cleaning window sills, tracks and screens

• we use dropsheets & slippers to protect your carpets & floors

• we can also clean high interior windows that require a ladder

• Insured & WCB protected

“Exterior Only” Window Cleaning

• “exterior only” window cleaning performed by our meticulous staff

• includes cleaning exterior window sills & accessible screens

• we use ladder bumpers to protect your siding

• Insured & WCB protected

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